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Founded in 2002, Panagin Pharmaceuticals Group Inc., specializes in the discovery, research, development and commercialization of novel Dammarane Sapogenins based anti-cancer drugs. Panagin's research on novel Dammarane Sapogenins and their mechanisms of action and its proprietary large-scale manufacturing process has advanced to an international leading position. Currently, Panagin owns 8 issued US, Canada, China, EU, Japan, Singapore, India patents and has 5 other patent applications pending worldwide. Panagin has established two independent R&D platforms: Selective Metabolites Compound Drug (SMCD) and Oral Bioavailability Enhancement Technology (OBET). These technologies made possible to adequately demonstrate multiple chemical constituents of botanical drug whose chemical constituents are not always well defined and nor is its bioavailability well characterized other than poor absorption at a molecular level. Panagin's research and clinical programs focus on life-threatening diseases, such as lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and brain metastases from various original sites. Panagin's proprietary new drug candidates show strong anti-cancer properties against various advanced, metastatic, multi-drug resistant cancers. Its growth strategy is to develop one or more of its portfolio candidates for cancer indications that currently do not have effective treatment. Panagin has completed pre-IND communications with US FDA. In 2011, the Company is preparing to file IND for HemoMex S (PBD-1226) as adjuvant treatment of lung cancer and other solid tumors.

HemoMex S (PBD-1226 softgel and hardshell capsule) and HemoMex I (PBD-1226 injection), has received regulatory approval in the Republic of Georgia for the treatment of advanced cancers of lung, breast, pancreas, stomach and colon-rectum. HemoMex I has also been approved in the Republic of Uzbekistan. HemoMex S and HemoMex I can be used as a single agent and combination agent with paclitaxel and other chemotherapy agents. Panagin's key strengths include: Strong scientific research programs and strong proof-of-concept data Strong and focused clinical programs Market success in Repubic of Georgia and Republic of Uzbekistan will potentially make the Company sustainable Extensive patent portfolio Experienced management and scientific advisory teams Panagin's laboratory and administrative offices are located in the suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Company works collaboratively with the University of British Columbia, Vancouver General Hospital, BC Cancer Agency, and Simon Fraser University. Panagin also has world-renowned clinical trial leaders & scientific advisors from the Arizona Cancer Center at the University of Arizona in Tucson, BC Cancer Agency, the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. The Company seeks strategic partners in the further development of its technology portfolio.